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Tony Urrutia, CEO

Tony Urrutia, owner of Team Auto Group, is a husband, father, brother, and friend. An entrepreneur and visionary who is passionate about people, Tony cares deeply about simplifying the car buying experience and creating lasting relationships with his customers.

Born in Guatemala, Tony was six years old when his family moved to the U.S.  As a child, he was quick tempered and small in stature. Young Tony spent his excess energy training on a heavy bag.  At 16, he moved out on his own and lived on the streets in Bayside, Queens, where he sometimes found himself in trouble. Even still, he graduated from high school two years early and weighed a mere 100 pounds when he received his diploma.  He was school savvy, street smart, curious and scrappy, and he was ready to take on the world.

Eventually, Tony landed in Emerson, New Jersey, finding one job and then another, and then two more. Working four jobs meant Tony finally had enough money to get his own place. Within three years, he was working at a car dealership and six months after that, he was managing that same dealership.

He showed up early, went home late, and grew sales by developing deep relationships with both car buyers and service customers.  His grandparents were originally from Spain and taught him the Spanish language and culture.  Tony parlayed this knowledge into a business opportunity during the 1992 Olympics and quickly became one of the nation's largest export/import specialists of cars to and from Spain.

Tony then shifted his focus to the finance and insurance realms of the automotive industry, pursuing the best lending and insurance solutions for his customers. Within two months of joining a new dealership, he became the top F&I representative for the entire state of New Jersey.  He loved his new role, helping people find loans and insurance coverage that were the right fit for them.

Tony's early successes in the automotive industry were built largely on his ability to connect with customers and staff, building trust through information and education.  He developed in-depth training programs for his team members and used his insights to manage F&I for 11 stores within the Atlantic Automotive Group, including the largest Hyundai store in the world.

2008 was a tough year for many, including Tony.  After struggling through a difficult divorce while the economy was simultaneously freefalling,  he started his own subprime credit business helping people who were simply down on their luck in tough times.

In the years that followed, his personal and professional life blossomed. He remarried and focused on developing his own technology solution. He founded to streamline the consumer car buying process from start to finish. Throughout his career, he's continued to invest in and support other companies that offer solutions to improve varying aspects of the car buying experience.

As General Manager of a leading New York Toyota store during Hurricane Sandy, he turned adversity into opportunity once again.  The monster storm wiped out over 3,000 cars in inventory.  His ability to navigate difficult business waters while staying closely connected to both his employees and customers led to Tony's management of multiple stores within the dealer group.

Today, Tony is the proud owner of Team Auto Group and Volkswagen of Freehold.  He continues to have a vested interest in and often consults with the company to improve the consumer experience.  He's expanding his operations to include two additional stores in Connecticut, with a vehicle leasing and insurance business in the works.

His family is his greatest passion and his children, ages 29, 24, 9 and 3, are his proudest accomplishments. He is still hitting the bag and grappling on the mat as an avid Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete, while also spending time as a gourmet cook, wine enthusiast, and horse racing aficionado.

Tony describes himself as an "extremist" and his life as a never-ending journey of discovery.  He loves the infinity of things, exploring what makes us all human, and most importantly, mentorship.  He enjoys helping others on their journeys and positively impacting their lives with the lessons and perspective he has gained through his experiences.  He loves the evolution of the car business and collaborating on how to make it better.

When buying a car from Tony, you can be certain of three things.

Transparency. What you see is what you get.

Advice.  He'll help you make an informed decision about the purchase that's right for YOU.

Kinship.  You'll feel like part of his family.

Richard Durgin, General Manager

Hello.  I'm Rich Durgin, General Manager of Volkswagen of Freehold.

The automobile industry is in my blood. My father was a machinist and I grew up helping him work on antique cars. As a teenager, I washed cars on a dealership lot. I eventually made my way to the service department of that same dealership, where I became the Director of Parts and Service. Later, at City World Auto in New York City, I had the opportunity to work in all positions within the dealership.

Still today, as General Manager of Volkswagen of Freehold, I am able to draw upon my many years of experience in all aspects of the auto industry and the professional roles within our dealership.

What I love about the car industry are the clients and staff I work with.  I also love the cars and solving problems to get people into the vehicles they desire. I really appreciate the Volkswagen brand and I love helping people with the 2nd largest purchase they make in their lives. It is an honor, and my pleasure.

In my personal time, I enjoy riding ATVs, snowmobiling, the construction of my second home, cooking and spending time with my family.

When you visit Volkswagen of Freehold, you can expect that I will ensure you get the service you deserve. Not only that, but you'll have met your go-to car guy.  You can rely on me, for life, to be the person you turn to whenever you have an automobile need come up. No matter your question, let me be the person you trust for all your vehicle needs.

Please connect with me on Facebook at Richard Durgin and LinkedIn at Rich Durgin.

I can't wait to hear from you, and I look forward to working with you!



Sam Abdraboh, Sales Consultant

Hi, my name is Sam Abdraboh, and I am a Sales Consultant at Volkswagen of Freehold.

I have always had a deep appreciation for and love of all kinds of cars. I especially love sports cars. My passion for all things automotive has led me to a job I love as a Sales Consultant at Volkswagen of Freehold. I enjoy helping people find the car of their dreams! Volkswagen of Freehold is a great place to work because it is a family-owned dealership where we treat our customers like family.

In my time off work, I enjoy making social media content on Tik Tok and Instagram.

When you meet me at Volkswagen of Freehold, you can expect real conversation with a true lover of cars. I promise to provide you with the most positive car buying experience that you can find!

Please connect with me on Instagram at samthecarsalesman.

I look forward to connecting with you and helping you find a car you'll love!

Annemarie Denney, Sales Consultant

Hi there.  My name is AnneMarie Denney and I'm a Sales Consultant for Volkswagen of Freehold.

I love what I do because I can meet and establish a rapport with many people and make their car buying experience pleasant and stress-free. What I also love is seeing the joy on the faces of my customers after they get the keys to their new vehicle!

I am passionate about working at Volkswagen of Freehold because I believe in the product I am selling. (I purchased a Passat and a Jetta for my own daughters prior to working here!) I thoroughly enjoy working with my co-workers, as well.  We're like family.

In my personal life, I am very passionate about being the best wife and mother I can be. I have five daughters, three of whom are triplets. I also love watching my girls play soccer at Monmouth University and Marshall University. I very much enjoy yoga, tennis and hiking.

When you visit Volkswagen of Freehold and ask for me, you can expect a friendly, enthusiastic, honest and attentive saleswoman. I will make you a priority and do everything I can to find the right vehicle for you, at the right price.

Please connect with me Instagram at Annemariedenney_vw, on Facebook at AnneMarie Denney, and on Linkedin at AnneMarie Denney.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Thomas Mastandrea, Sales Consultant

Hi there. My name is Thomas Mastandrea, and I am a Sales Consultant at Volkswagen of Freehold.

I enjoy working with clients to help them find the car that suits their needs. I like the work environment of the dealership and I like working with all the different personalities we have here. All of the people I work with are different, but they keep things fun and exciting. They keep me on my toes!

In my personal time, I enjoy playing video games. I like the mental challenge video games provide. They are like a mental workout. But I also enjoy exercising for the physical workout too. I keep my mind and body busy and balanced!

When you visit Volkswagen of Freehold, you can expect that I will provide you with a streamlined, hassle free experience. It is important to me that you leave our dealership feeling satisfied with your decision. Volkswagen is a strong brand and a fantastic product and I enjoy showcasing all that Volkswagen can offer you.

Please connect with me so that I can provide you with that same hassle-free experience!

Krishna Nemani, Sales Consultant

I'm Krishna Nemani, and I am a Sales Consultant at Volkswagen of Freehold.

What I love most about my job here at Volkswagen of Freehold is meeting new people and the interactions I have with others every day. I have a thirst for knowledge and information and I enjoy learning new things here on the job! As a brand, Volkswagen has a legacy I am proud to be a part of. There are diverse opportunities for everyone here, and we have the greatest team of automobile industry professionals.

In my time away from work, I most enjoy spending time with my family, and making new friends everywhere I go. You can often find me cooking up good food in the kitchen, and enjoying good music on the radio.

While working with me at Volkswagen of Freehold, I can assure you that I will provide you with a comfortable atmosphere in which to discuss all things related to cars and financing. I promise you good conversation where we can get to know one another and I can give you all possible options related to your purchase.

You can find me on Facebook at VWkrish.  I look forward to hearing from you!



Chris Struble, Service Director

Hello, I'm Chris Struble, the Service Director at Volkswagen of Freehold.

As the Service Director here at Volkswagen of Freehold, I enjoy working with people and resolving their service-related issues with their vehicles. Our service department is growing, and I am proud to be a part of the process of expanding our department to better meet our client's needs.

During my free time, I spend it with my family - and family time is best spent in the great outdoors! We enjoy the beach, camping and hiking. I love riding ATV's with my son and friends.

In the Service Department, I make it a priority to help people feel as comfortable as possible as soon as they arrive at the dealership by identifying their needs for their visit and quickly coming up with a plan to address those needs. My goal for every visit is that our clients walk away feeling that their service needs are met with professionalism, and with a positive outcome.

It will be my pleasure to help you with your service needs.

Nick Copolla, Service Manager

John Wilson, Service Professional

Akeelie Craigwell, Service Professional



Sarah Spear, Parts Manager

Hello, my name is Sarah Spear and I am the Parts Manager at Volkswagen of Freehold.

I love working here because I enjoy engaging with our clients and getting their vehicles back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. Your vehicle is important to you and your vehicle and experience here at our dealership are very important to me.

I always have a project car of my own and in my free time, you can find me under the hood making things run as well as they possibly can. I also enjoy listening to music, specifically vinyl records.

When you work with me at Volkswagen of Freehold, I will provide you with compassionate service backed by the extensive knowledge base I am able to draw from. I am always ready to go above and beyond for our clients and nothing brings me greater satisfaction than to watch you drive away with a better running vehicle than what you brought in!

Come visit me and I look forward to helping you!



Fantasia Janazzo, OLM Director

My name is Fantasia Janazzo, and I am the OLM Director of Volkswagen of Freehold.

It was a family venture that originally developed my love of the car business that began over 10 years ago. I am passionate about my work here at Volkswagen of Freehold. I love the family feel we have at our dealership. I enjoy working with my coworkers here, and we extend the family atmosphere to all of the clients who walk through our doors.

In my time away from work, I enjoy collecting all kinds of Disney items.  I am obsessed with all things Disney!

While working with me at Volkswagen of Freehold, you can expect that I will treat you like family. It is important to me that all of our clients leave feeling the way I would want my friends or family members to feel. You should feel that your wants and needs for your vehicle are understood and met, or exceeded, with care and concern! I promise all clients will leave feeling nothing less and I pride myself on providing that high level of service.

It will be my pleasure to work with you, and I look forward to the opportunity!



Andre Kostenko, Finance Director

My name is Andre Kostenko and I am the Finance Director at Volkswagen of Freehold.

What I love most about my career is working with people. Every day is interesting because I am constantly faced with new and unique challenges where I have the opportunity to make positive experiences for people through the auto buying process.

I enjoy meeting different people on the job. As the Finance Director, I get the chance to meet different clients every day and appreciate the relationships and trust I build through working with them. We have the best crew at Volkswagen of Freehold and I thoroughly appreciate all of the people I work with at our dealership.

I am a passionate fisherman and I consider myself to be a cigar aficionado.

While working with me at Volkswagen of Freehold, I can promise you friendly service, and a professional experience where we will meet and exceed your finance needs.

I look forward to helping you!

Danielle Iosue, Finance Assistant

Hi there, my name is Danielle Iosue, and I work in Accounting at Volkswagen of Freehold.

I love being challenged through my work at the dealership. Every day brings a new set of issues to work out and solve.

I am lucky to work with a professional and dedicated team of auto professionals. My coworkers at Volkswagen of Freehold make every day fun and interesting. We all work together very well, solving problems and creating excellent customer experiences with the ultimate goal of helping people take home the perfect car for themselves and their families. The best part is, we have fun doing it!

In my personal time, I love making custom personal and home items that people bring into their homes to treasure. I enjoy the creative outlet that it provides me and the smile it puts on other people's faces.

When working with me at Volkswagen of Freehold, I promise you a positive, professional experience with a resolution. I take solving problems very seriously and will meet your expectations with ease.

Looking forward to working with you!

Adriana Hernandez, Motor Vehicle Clerk