Volkswagen of Freehold Referral Program


Welcome to the Volkswagen of Freehold Referral Program

You will be able you to refer anyone to our dealership and even to choose a specific salesperson. Simply enter the information of your referral. We will follow up, answer all of their questions, provide competitive pricing and once they buy a car, you get paid. It’s that simple. You will be paid $125 a REFERRAL.
How amazing is it to be able to make extra income by simply referring people to purchase with Volkswagen of Freehold.

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  • *Please make sure that all Referrals have been entered into the system prior to the Referral entering the showroom or speaking to a Sales Consultant, if not, you will not be paid. Spouses are not eligible for referral payment. We also cannot reimburse anyone who is already an existing Ray Catena customer. The referral has 30 days to purchase the vehicle or the referral is null and void.

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